As a hands-on Licensed General Contractor working in the Twin Cities since 1993, I’ve resolved a wide variety of issues for homeowners and designed and built many things I am truly proud of. I enjoy working with clients to develop a vision for their home and strive to deliver results that exceed their expectations.

I specialize in generating personalized creative solutions informed by my decades of experience.

I take a comprehensive approach in working with clients to assess what they and their home need and how to meet those needs in the most cost effective, pragmatic, and appealing manner. I provide custom building and remodeling from simple home repair to complete historic restoration to new construction and find the challenge of creative problem-solving to be most appealing.



General Home Repair

Do you have a to-do list that never seems to get done? I have the tools, the skills, and know-how for all your home repair needs.


Do you have space issues or a recent family expansion that has resulted in a need for greater comfort within your home? I have the credentials, experience, and competency to address these needs in a thorough and rewarding manner. 

Emergency Services

Sometimes things come up that we can’t anticipate. I’m available to assist in your emergency and help you plan for the next steps.



Custom Craftsmanship

Have an idea for a built-in? Wish you could add to an existing design without losing the look? Historic architecture that requires a craftsman? Have a want that is difficult to envision, much less describe?  I have experience incorporating unusual elements and highly specific requests into design like hiding an office behind a moving bookcase, creating a floating shelf to display rare books, installing a laundry in a secondary stairwell, inventing and fabricating a mechanism to convert an antique library table into a standing desk, repurposing industrial timbers into a timber framed office area, customizing storage in a tiny kitchen, replicating and fitting 14” built-up crown molding, installing hidden compartments in a bathroom vanity and within a staircase, restoring to functionality an antique apple press, and creating bespoke furniture.  I’ve built them all and so much more!



As a licensed general contractor, I oversee and manage the necessary professional elements of the project and coordinate all work done by subcontractors, adherence to building code, and the experience of the homeowner. From the start of the project through final walk-through, I am responsible for the project so you can relax.


Often, our existing homes are adequately sized but layout and design reflect an era when lifestyles and needs were quite different from those of today. If you are thinking of expanding, redesigning, or even selling your home, I offer realistic and personalized solutions that incorporate your values, your comfort, the impact on your life, and resale return of various potential improvements. This helps you focus on the choices and changes that make the most sense to you.


Every project requires an element of design as it provides the framework of steps and defines the goals. But accurately reflecting the complexity of a project is where my experience and knowledge set me apart. I may create highly detailed designs for guidance and visualization, or we may simply develop a list of tasks that emphasize efficiency. Regardless, the design phase of any project is essential because a well-developed plan saves time and money over the course of the project.

Long-Term Property Planning & Maintenance

For most people, managing a property is reacting to a current problem. Engaging my experience and knowledge puts in motion a preventative plan to keep properties running smoothly so that you can anticipate the future and protect your home’s value. I will work with you to develop long-term plans to maintain your property and will ensure that all necessary maintenance and repairs are completed at the right time and done well.